The practice of weed ‘wiping’, as opposed to spraying, is becoming an increasingly popular alternative for farmers across Australia. It is often difficult to maintain a regular weed management  program with conventional spraying techniques. Windy days often rule out spraying at times when we really need to be out on the land keeping the weeds in check.   Controlling drift and  runoff in sensitive areas can also be an issue that forces us to consider alternatives to the traditional tank and boom concept.

Wiping weeds means that you can cover large areas relatively quickly while only targeting plants over a specific height. The underlying grass is completely undisturbed. Because the chemical is wiped onto the plant, it’s possible to control weeds in a wider range of weather conditions.

An electronic pump controller ensures consistent chemical flow regardless of terrain and prevents dripping or dryness. No drift weed control—even in the wind!


Researched and Well Built to Do The Job

Research strongly suggests that to build an effective weed wiper, we need to take into account the need to break the waxy surface which coats a number of target weeds. By scratching through this, we assist the process of chemical intake, much in the same manner as the human body would if the skin were broken. A ‘bruise bar’ is incorporated along the length of the leading edge of the “Eliminator” for precisely this purpose.

An easy means of electronically adjusting the chemical output of the wiper, relative to the immediate level of infestation is achieved with the Eliminator’s electronic controller. This is a key distinguishing feature   between today’s technology and the old, wasteful, near enough is good enough approach of the past.

A key feature, which is often over-looked is the importance of supplying an equal amount of chemical to both sides of the wiper, regardless of the angle of operation. Other wiper brands are notorious for dripping on the downhill side, while being bone dry on the high end. The C-DAX Eliminator however, has a tented feed system that guarantees an equal distribution of chemical across the entire wiper on even the roughest terrain. Another important element is the manner in which the chemical is transferred to the weed. For this process to be optimised, the wiper needs to have as large a wiping area as possible, and the wiping surface must be manufactured from a durable material, which does not drip chemical onto grass as the machine moves around the paddock.Eliminator Weed Wiper

The C-DAX Eliminator incorporates long geometrically shaped wiping pads, designed after extensive trialling to determine the best possible shape and size for the purpose. The pads are angled and, upon contact, actually rotate the target weed maximising the wiping area. The wiping surfaces are made from natural wool (chosen for its superior moisture retention), and are needle punched into synthetic webbing to provide added durability. The C-Dax Eliminator is height adjustable so that it can be set up precisely to only target weeds and not valuable pasture. The C-DAX  Eliminator is available with an optional on-board spray tank to provide the convenience of a completely self-contained unit. Alternatively, the Eliminator is compatible with almost any 12-volt sprayer.

What’s New?

An exciting new addition to the existing 2.3m Eliminator is the all-new 4300 model which has a working width of 4.3m but retains a similar transport width of the 2.3m model. This is achieved with fold down wings which make the 4300 very versatile in all types of terrain. The wings simply follow the ground and maintain the set application height with the use of adjustable skids. To bring it back to a manageable transport width you simply clip up the wings to the vertical position. Each wing can be isolated and turned off by way of a tap so the wiper can operate in smaller areas or between trees or other obstacles.

The eliminator is suitable for a wide range of weed species including Thistles, Tussock, Fire Weed, Parramatta Grass, Bracken fern, small blackberry infestations and sucker re-growth.

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2.3m Eliminator Trailed Weed Wiper
The C-Dax Eliminator is an extremely robust, trailed weed wiper designed to control weeds without the risk of spray drift or damage to your pasture. Our patented feed system ensure both sides of the wiper are fed equally on even the roughest terrain.

4.3m Winged Eliminator
The C-Dax Winged Eliminator gives an impressive overall width of 4.30m with self-angling wings that will save you even more time and allows easy control of weeds on banks and edges of waterways without the risk of runoff or spraydrift.

Tank for Eliminator

The on-board 50 Litre tank for the Eliminator makes your weed wiper into a self-contained unit.

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